About Our Driving School

Mr. Hull and Rosemarie Dubay are certified to teach driver education in New Hampshire and Vermont. Mr Hull is also has been a instructor for driver education teachers at Keene State College aibce 2012,

Mr. Hull is originally from Goshen Massachusetts, a small town in the western part of the state. In 1977, he joined the US Army and served in Korea, Panama, and El Paso, Texas. In 1982, he left the military and moved to New Hampshire. He was in law enforcement for 10 years, working five years as a Correctional Officer in maximum security and five years as a police officer.

Mr. Hull has seen firsthand while investigating car crashes, what happens to people in a car who are not wearing seat belts. As students who know him will tell you, he believes 100% that if everyone took that extra two seconds making sure that they were buckled in and all their passengers were as well, many lives would be saved on our nation's highways.

Mr. Hull holds a Bachelor of Behavioral Science degree from Granite State College and a Masters Degree in Technology in Education from Lesley University. He is an Adjunct Faculty Instructor in the New Hampshire Driver Education Certification Program at Keene State College. 

He loves hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. His favorite place to be is somewhere on the coast of Maine in the summertime.