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Hull's Driving School Resources

Printable Forms

Drive Log DSMV(509)

Out-of-class Drive Log to be done with Parents. 40 hours total, 10 in the dark at night. Skills must be practiced.

Drivers License Application

This form is to be filled out for the day of the students driving test at dmv

Hulls Driving School Application

Please print this form, fill it out and bring with you to Parent night

Identification and Residency Requirements

Select from the posted forms of ID that apply to students who are under the age of 18. The Original Birth Certificate or a Certified Copy must be used - no photocopies. If a Social Security Card is going to be used, it can not be laminated.

Motorcycle Operator Manual

Hull's Driving School does not teach anything about Motorcycles except for safety issues.


Parent/Teen Contract

It is a good idea to have a written agreement with your Teen as to rules they will follow, how much they will contribute towards the car, etc. This a good sample for your use.


Newspaper Articles

Mr. Hull ADTSEA 2015 Teacher of the Year

Teacher of Excellence 2015

Helpful Links

***NH Driver Manual Practice Test***

A great study guide to help students pass the NH License Test

A Parents Guide to Choosing a Car for your Teen

This guide from AAA has some good information about buying a car for your teen.

Andy Pilgrim/Traffic Safety Education Foundation

Andy Pilgrim is a race car driver who is very supportive of Driver Education and promoting safe Teen Driving. Take a look at his foundation.

Drive It Home

A Website for Parents to help teach your Student to become a safe driver

Ford Driving Skills For Life

A great website for teen drivers. Register for The Academy and learn how to be a safer driver. Take the Pledge


New Hampshire Driving Towards Zero

A great website for info about Teen Driving

Parent Tool Box For NH Teen Drivers

This website is a fantastic resource for Parents when helping their Teen become a safe driver. A Must See!

Parenting Teens Through the Dangers of Driving: A Video For Parents

Check out this new, short video for parents of teen drivers
http://tinyurl.com/odauzt9 by safe teen driving advocate, Tim Hollister. This free video commemorates the 9-year anniversary of his 17-year-old son Reid's death in a one-car crash...Please watch and share and make sure you talk to your teens about the P.A.C.T.S. (top 5 dangers include passengers & texting/electronics) 

Smart Wheel

This is the Smart Wheel. A device to help eliminate distractions while driving. Check it out!

Stevens Advanced Driving School (Skid School)

Stevens Advanced Driving School located at Hawthorne Feather Airpark in Hillsboro, NH. This experience in crash avoidance for Teens and Adults is highly recommended by Hull's Driving School. 

Team ONeil

Tim O'Neil has won five US and North American Rally Championships. Tim was a factory driver for Volkswagen and Mitsubishi through the late 80s and early 90s, and drove for the official Air Force Reserve team in the early 2000s. Tim earned a reputation for his driving skill early on in his career, beating many (and often all) of the Open Class teams with two-wheel-drive cars. He is also one of the very few American drivers to have competed internationally.

Through the mid-90s, Tim worked with a number of manufacturers teaching advanced driving techniques and launching new products. He also instructed over 3,000 students at driving schools in the United States, England, Scotland, and Wales. In 1997, Tim opened the Team O'Neil Rally School with the vision of building the best driving school in the world.

Tim designed and constructed our skidpad and slalom areas, as well as many miles of course roads here at the school. He personally developed our curriculum and schedule, has trained our instructors, and continues to oversee operations at the school, constantly refining and adapting the curriculum to stay current with the times

The Safest Cars for your Teen Driver

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the vehicles listed are the safest for your Teen Driver. Check it out!

Tim Hollister's Blog (Reid's Dad)

From Reid's Dad

This blog helps parents find the right balance between exposing teens to life's risks while protecting them from life's dangers, with a particular focus on safe teen driving.  If this is your challenge, this blog is for you.


It is a good idea to have a sign of some sort on your car when your son/daughter is learning to drive.